29 August 2012


Because I didn't have enough crap to do right now!

Actually, it was because of my purple dress with the pomegranate sleeves. I need to try it on to see if it still fits, but in order to do that, I have to finish the eyelets in the front - I'd removed the lacing rings the dress originally had in favor of smaller (and more numerous) eyelets, but I never finished sewing them in!  I took the dress, and my sewing kit, to work yesterday so I could work on it there in my spare time, but I forgot the steel jump rings I use to reinforce the lacing holes.  D'oh!

Last night, I hauled out my jewelry kit (which is less of a "kit" and more of a "random assemblage of boxes full of stuff, none of which are remotely organized") to look for the small bag of rings that I use for eyelet holes...and two hours later I'd organized the boxes a little bit and made a necklace and two pairs of earrings.
Like you do.

(click to enlarge)
pewter and black glass;  the cross was a site token
from Ffynnon Gath's Jagermeister tourney in
And no, it's not terribly Period for our purposes, but hey - I'm working with what I have.  When I have money to make awsome and totally historically-accurate jewelry, I will.

I swear, jewelry making is the only thing besides Pinterest that sucks me in without my knowledge or permission, and makes me lost for hours on end.

sterling silver with teal glass,
and quartz crystal drops

More stuff soon!  And I mean it this time.  I seriously have like eight posts lined up, as soon as I get all the pictures taken and edited and stuff.  :D

P.S. - by the way, the eyelet rings I was looking for?  Were in one of *three* boxes of embroidery thread in my sewing room, each of which was in a completely different part of the room.   Fail.


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