31 August 2012

More Jewelry!

Just for fun.  The other night when I was photographing the new necklace and earrings I made, I photographed all the other jewelry I've made for the SCA to show you, too.  Hilariously enough, the ONE piece I forgot to photograph was the gold and citrine set I keep talking about but not showing you...and then when I went to get it to do so, I realized I've lost it.   GAH.

Anyway, here are just a few of the pieces I've made for the SCA over the last couple of years.  If you'd like to see the full collection, they're on my Flickr set right here.

blue glass, pearl, and black glass bead chain

garnet + ruby glass + pewter set, made to wear to Fall 2011 Coronation

some of the earrings I've made

pearl + pewter earrings from pearl set for Candlemas 2012

I didn't make any of these rings, but they're part of my SCA jewelry collection
and I love them all, so I thought I'd share.   Clockwise from top left:  giant
stretchy  metal ring from World Market,  a sapphire glass ring from
Sapphire & Sage, aquamarine + sterling silver, green faux amber, silver
filigree from Pyramid Collection,  silver + garnet,  silver + moonstone
BADLY in need of polishing, and a blue mood ring, lol.  

pair of amethyst glass brooches from Michael's, which I use
to hold my skirt up, dress up my bodies, hold long necklaces
in place, and keep my hood together.  

Much more on the Flickr page. :)

Fun fact:  all of these jewelry photos, and the ones yesterday, were taken laid out on my new white linen underwear, which just happened to be handy while I was setting up, LOL.  Post about the underwear coming soon. :)

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