22 August 2012

Sleeve-ity Doo Dah*

Tonight I am overjoyed about two things.:

1.  The pavilion came in!  It's awesome! It's brown and rectangular and...oh, that's the box.  More news as the situation develops.

2.  I tried on my SCA LBD (Little Black Dress, lol) for Caerleon uniform purposes, as I'd mentioned the other day, and IT FITS!!!  Oh, I was sooo sure it was going to be about fifteen sizes too small by now, but it still fits beautifully!  No alterations needed! :D

Well, okay, a few more things:

3.  I finished my Caerleon sleeves - painted the company motto around the shoulders like I was thinking of doing.

4.  The yellow-gold snood I ordered from Etsy came in this week, and it's lovely, comfy, and exactly the right shade of yellow (also the seller was very nice and shipping was fast, and I'll definitely order more from this shop).

5.  While I still have no yellow belt (argh, you Pelicans! KIDDING love you), I do have some gold and faux-citrine jewelry that I made to go with the LBD for the last Queen's Champion...not that I ever got around to taking pictures of it (fail).

Pics of the full outfit soon!   Meantime...


* What?  At no point in this blog have I claimed to be good at thinking up titles.

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