24 September 2012

Teal Gown, Navy Bliaut, and Coronation

Remember the bad pictures of the bliaut?

And the original plan, which called for a teal gown for underneath it?

Yes, that is the WRONG belt for this outfit.
It's all I have right now.  :( 

The under-layer, which itself is also a stand-alone gown:

These were all taken at Coronation over the past weekend, by the way.  

Bonus pic of me sitting around waiting for court to start.  

Coronation was pretty dang cool.   The hall could have been a bit more adequately air-conditioned, but it was decorated very nicely, the coronation ceremony was outstandingly done, and the King's Champion tournament was really cool and fun to watch.

Now I just need to finish the red half-sleeves I've been working on, and make myself some white tippets...



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