10 September 2012


Oh, dear.  The new tent didn't work out as I'd hoped.

What worked: 

  • It's cute
  • It's small
  • It's easy to put up - so easy a caveman could do it one person can do it alone
  • It held up really well in some fairly high winds (nothing horribly scary, but a front blew through, and nearly flattened our neighbor's tent while doing no damage to our tent at all!)
  • I was right about the height estimate in the picture above - the door is actually an inch or two taller than me, so the height on the tent was great. 
  • It does indeed pass the "ten foot rule" - across the field, in amongst all the actual period tents, it blended right in.  

What did totally and spectacularly NOT work: 
  • First of all, this tent is not as big as advertised.  I didn't measure the height; but the floor was supposed to be 12x12', according to the website - which I assumed meant a 12' diameter circle, since the floor is practically round (hexagonal, actually).   It's not either of those things.  My queen-sized air mattress is 5x6.5', just like a queen-sized regular mattress.  We managed to wedge it in between the center pole and one of the walls, sideways, meaning that from the center pole to one wall was less than five feet (the mattress was actually pushing the wall out several inches), making the diameter of the tent floor less than ten feet.  NOT COOL.  
  • The side walls are nearly two feet high, which was great for storage, but with such a small floor, it meant that only one person at a time could stand up, and only directly in the center, without bending over or performing various acrobatics to get around each other - more often than one, Kress and I took turns changing in the tent, or one of us would lay on the bed while the other one changed.  
  • Also because of this, the amount of stooping and bending to negotiate the storage around the perimeter of the circle and the slant of the tent walls being so low around the sides meant that I threw my back out this weekend.  So THAT was awesome.  I can barely move.  
  • What color is that tent in the picture above?  White, with a dark gray floor?   Nope.  It's gray with a darker gray floor.  Wasn't expecting that one.  The website didn't say what color the tent was, so, silly me, I figured it would be what it looked like in the picture. 
  • There could definitely be more ventilation in this thing.  We're headed into Fall and then Winter, so it's not a huge deal, but I could definitely not camp in this in the Summer. 

All of that said,  I still think this would be a fantastic tent for one person, for small, weekend events.  In fact, a friend of mine recently bought this same tent, and she used it for the first time this past weekend, too, and loved it.  So when I go to events by myself this season, if I do, I'll be taking it.  But for Kress and I, we absolutely cannot camp in this thing together again.  We're back to kicking around ideas for making our own pavilion, and have decided that once we get that done, we'll use this pointy tent as an arming pavilion for him.  For now, though, we'll be using our big blue Coleman again. 

Meanwhile, we used our EZ Up as a shaded common area for our household throughout the weekend, and it worked out really well.  We have a couple of card tables that we shove together and drape with a tapestry which is long enough to hide non-period things shoved underneath the tables (cases of bottled water, coolers), and everyone either has period-looking chairs or cloth drop-covers for their nylon camp chairs.  It actually looked pretty decent!   I can't wait to get a nice cover made for that EZ Up to make it look better, though.  :) 


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