05 September 2012

Finished Company Uniform + Jewelry

the plan

The Caerleon uniform - draft #1 -  is complete and ready to wear.  Yay!   One day I'll make a "real" uniform outfit;  for now this is just a pair of sleeves over a plain black dress.  I don't have my full headgear on in this pic, because I also wanted to show you the jewelry I made to go with this dress - you know, the set I lost and couldn't photograph last week when I did the jewelry posts?  


Here it is.  Pearls and citrine teardrops on gold chain.   This was actually the reason I started wearing a gold nose ring, LOL.  Usually I wear silver.  I've always intended to go get an invisible one for SCA purposes, but I haven't found one that I really like yet.  

Yellow-gold snood from Etsy barely visible under veil, there.   

I'm hoping next week I'll have some pics of me with the full headgear situation, of Vasilii, and of our new tent, from War of Ages, which is in just four days.  SQUEE!!  


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