25 May 2012

In Which Our Heroine Makes Yet Another Blue Outfit

Because, as you know, I need more blue dresses.  I only have like five.  Because my heraldic colors are red and black, LOL.  *shrug*  I love blue. :)

And I love making these things:

This is going to be a 12th century bliaut - navy, with the exact trim you see in the pic above (from Calontir Trim, purchased at Gulf Wars in March), with a deep teal undergown (just a simple lace-front plain gown).  I'd been thinking about doing one ever since I saw a friend in a really pretty black one at Gulf Wars this year.  Then I saw this, and just I had to get on the bliaut train. :)

The belt is not a cloth or woven belt like you usually see with bliauts -   I'm no weaver.  I've tried making belts like that out of just fabric, and they always bunch up and become fabric ropes.  So I'm still testing out some ideas that I think might work.

(And yes, that's a hair tie around the waist in the pic.  Without it the dress just looked like a bunch of blue fabric on the hanger, hehe).

For the time being, I have this awesome, BRIGHT blue leather belt that I bought at Gulf Wars (for fifteen dollars!);  and Kress needed to order belt parts for himself this week, so he got a set like the one shown in the picture for me, too.  Yay!   (Hardware from Armor and Castings).

So far, so good!  It fits beautifully, and the only thing I plan to change is that the sleeves aren't as long as I thought they were going to be (because I measure wrong.  Whoops!)  That's a simple fix, though; and once that's done, I'll be ready to finish the seams on the inside, and then start working on the trim and the bling.  Yay!

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