24 May 2012

April In Review

Yes, I know it's May 24th.  SHHH.

April In Review: 

  • whomped up a simple, black cotehardie for myself for Queen's Champion
  • Made a little red cloak for the Clothiers' Guild entry into the A&S competition at the Stargate-Loch Sollier co-baronial event
  • painted six new charters for the kingdom (not blogged about, sorry.  They're not original designs, just un-colored blanks that you paint and turn in. I'll blog about originals when I do them). 
  • hosted a silk banner painting class at my house for friends, and learned to paint silk!  Also helped make a giant awesome banner for the company...and then completely forgot to share it here.  Whoops!  

  • Queen's Champion 
  • Stargate-Loch Sollier co-baronial

Light month!  I was actually sick off and on for most of it.  :( 



  1. Hmmph. Woulda been nice to know about the banner painting. :P *juvenile pouting*

    Seriously, though, let me know when you do stuff!

  2. Aw, sorry, hon, the banner painting was a special company-only thing. If I ever host one again, I'll let you know. I'd LOVE to do it again, honestly, it was sooo much fun. If I ever get my own paints and silk, I totally will. :)


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