26 May 2012

Bliaut Progress & Sleeve Adjustment


  •  sleeves have been lengthened with a long, diamond-shaped gore in the long seam under the sleeve (they were too short before;  I added about thirteen inches of both length and width)
  • seams finished and flat-felled where they'll show (sleeves, lower hem) 
  • trim applied to the upper arms and sleeve hem.  

I also split and hemmed the side seams in the body so that I can lace the sides;  I'm honestly not sure if I want to mess with it (hand-stitched eyelet holes...blergh...), so after I did that, I sewed the sides back up again.  Means I can wear it right now, and if I decide in the future to do the side-lacing, I only have one seam to undo and no prep-work on the edges, just the eyelets themselves.

Next:  neckline trim & lower hem.

sleeve gores to widen and lengthen


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