07 May 2012


Last Saturday I and two other members of the local Clothiers' Guild entered a competition - "outfit a new person for $30 or less", at the Stargate-Loch Sollier co-baronial event.  There were three grand prizes: one for each barony, and an overall winner - and we WON one of the baronial titles!  Hooray!

Shortly before the contest was announced, a person very kindly donated a HUGE pile of stuff to the guild - fabric, trim, buttons, lacings, yarn, and all sorts of other stuff.

The guild decided to use the donated materials to put together an outfit for this A&S competition - and since most of the fabric pieces were too small to get a whole adult piece out of, we decided to put our $30 to use making a complete kid's outfit instead: an Italian Ren for a young girl.

Franchesca did the dress and chemise (there's a removable forepart in the front that matches the sleeves which isn't visible in this picture, because someone had closed the skirt after looking at it), I did the cape and the documentation, and Simona did the little doll, which itself is handmade (and a period doll design), and which is dressed to match the girl's outfit, out of the same fabric.  How neat is that?  :)

We got a really nifty prize basket too, full of fabric, yarn, a lucet loom, some enameled wooden pendants, ribbon in kingdom colors, a fantastic art analysis book, a vial of lavender flowers, a crocquil...and other stuff!  I can't even remember everything, hehe.

Go, us!  Hee.

The entire girl's outfit will be donated to our B&B this week, to use however they see fit (loaner clothing, gift to a new member, largesse to be given in court, whatever they decide).


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