27 February 2012


That sounded spirited and enthusiastic, right?  Good, because really I'm just stressed as hell and anxious about getting everything done and the packing and there's still stuff to buy and dogsitters and a guest room to get ready and OMG THERE'S ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT  *FAINT*

Mkay, I'm done.

Look, sleeves!

Just something quick to fill an hour that I had left while chained to my sewing machine after I finished the stuff on my to-do list tonight and still had a bit of time.

Just some old red polyester microfiber ("wool"? I think it's convincing, lol), lined with some white cotton eyelet-print I had lying around.  The buttons are left over from the blue velvet gown project.

Of which I still don't have good pictures.  But by now, I assume you expect this.  (Fail).

One of the sleeves' lining had to be pieced.

But hey, I used up all the white eyelet-print scraps! :D  Less junk taking up space in my nice, organized craft room shelves.

Speaking of which, I moved the sewing table in there, from the wall with the window on it to the adjacent wall on the left, so that I have a better place to set up my ironing board that's not out in the middle of the room. :D

Have I mentioned how much I heart these buttons?

Something else I did recently:  got my Singer machine fixed!!!  It wasn't broken, really, but the foot control had gone out, and a very nice man at a very nice shop very close to my house wired a new one onto the cord (of my 17 year old Singer) for me, for only $25.  Now I have functional two machines again!

And I'm teaching Vasilii to sew!  Tonight while I worked on these sleeves, Vasillii sat next to me and made himself a linen hood to wear under his helmet.  He's doing a fantastic job.  :)

News on the war preparations later this week...


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