19 March 2012


Well, I'm back from my very first Gulf Wars!  It was EPIC.  I didn't get to any of the classes I wanted to attend, didn't get to watch the horses, or the dogs, or the jousting - but I danced a bunch, walked with my baroness in the opening ceremonies procession, single-handedly won the shopping war point for Ansteorra (lol), met a ton of cool folks, had a blast at camp and at some parties, and took a LOT of pictures.

I'll put up a link to a full album this week (as soon as I get all the pics sorted and edited properly), but for starters, here are a few of my favorites:

Vasilii in his baronial war company
tabbard and his Russian stuff - and a new hat! 
me in my new blue linen, at the opening ceremonies

Azaleas everywhere in Mississippi! 

the site was *gorgeous*

as was the entire state of Louisiana.  I seriously wish I lived here. 

More later, when I get alllllllll the war laundry and unpacking done!



  1. Live in Louisiana? No...you really don't. Trust me.

  2. Heh. I totally would, if I could live in the part with no hurricanes or rednecks, lol. I saw NOLA for the first time (while driving through/above it on the freeways). Gorgeous city. I really wish I could have stopped. I said hi to it for you, tho. :)

  3. Oh - and I brought you a present. :)

  4. Sweet! Nah..the government is screwy as all hell, esp. in NOLA, crime rate is astronomical since Katrina (and it was pretty damned bad before), plus the climate would kill you. (There ARE reasons I never went back.) But...you can grow just about any damned thing there.

  5. Ooh, good points. You know, though, I didn't have a SINGLE allergy issue the entire time I was there, and practically NO asthma!!! I couldn't believe it - I was prepared to be sitting in camp sucking on my machine the whole week, and I don't think I even used my little inhaler more than twice. I felt GREAT! And then I felt like shit within 10 minutes of re-entering central Texas. HMMM.

  6. Yeah...everything bloomed a month earlier there, lol. although, they don't have the cedar (mountain juniper) issues we do.

  7. I'm beginning to believe that the freaking "cedar" is most of my problem. Well, that and the ragweed, we know about that one.

    But then, too, humidity is a godsend for my asthma. And *ALL* of the asthma literature from doctors you get says exactly the opposite. I find that so strange! Humidity has always made me breathe better (as long as it's not cedar or ragweed season), but the drier the climate, the more problems I have! Weird.

  8. Maybe you have COPD instead of ass-maa. Just throwing that off the top of my head, cuz, you know...I have NO idea whether they're different, have different symptoms, etc. etc. I've never even played a doctor on TV.

  9. LOL, no. I've never displayed any of the symptoms aside from the asthma; and I had my cardio/pulmonary function checked last year as well as in 2009 when I was in the hospital, and all that's A-ok.

    The asthma's very likely hereditary. I mean, I know the smoking doesn't help all that much, hehe, but, my mom, her mom - and my dad - all had it, too.


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