06 February 2012


True to form, I f*d up and forgot to ask someone to take pics of Vasilii and I in our court gear (green opashen, blue velvet transitional gown), after realizing that my camera's battery was dead.  FAIL.

I do, however have this picture:

That would be Vasilii and I getting our AOAs together...at the event which marks our 1-year anniversary in the SCA, from a K&Q whom we both absolutely adore and admire!

If pics of either one of us in our outfits surface online today from the event, I'll share them here.


I found one!  Isn't he hot?  Nom nom.
Meanwhile, bardic was awesome, although I displayed without competing because I'd forgotten my spoken piece...except I found it later in the afternoon in my music folder. D'oh!  Guess it just wasn't meant to be.  The Candlemas Candle Dance performance went swimmingly, feast was amazing, I got my arms registered, I had tons of fun sitting gate in the morning, I made new friends, I dance my ass off in the evening before court, and I got to entourage for the B&B during court for the first time, which was really neat.  And then, you know...AOA.

Squee!!   :o) 


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