01 February 2012

Blue Velvet Yay


The blue velvet gown is going off without a hitch.  The body is done (as of Sunday), the lacings and eyelets are in, and the fit was perfect on the first try for once.

This is (or will be, when it's finished), a late 15th-century "transitional" gown - one of the many variations & evolutionary stepping-stone fashions that happened between standard 15thC kirtles/cotehardies and the Tudor styles we think of.  Split skirt to pull up and pin on one side (A), extra-long, slightly-flared sleeves that can be worn down or turned back (B) pointed neckline.  I experimented with boning the front opening to give it a smoother, flatter line (rather than wearing a corset underneath - which, technically, I should be doing, but this is a nice alternative for the time being (as I do not have time right now to start making corsets - maybe after War).  I have to say, I'm really pleased with the effect.

This week I'm working on the embroidery along the front opening and neckline, and the sleeve cuffs.  I'm actually almost done - only one sleeve to go.  Yay!   Also this week: working on headgear and/or hair configurations, sorting out jewelry...and working on my bardic pieces for Saturday.  EEK!!!

 To be continued...


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