02 February 2012

Blue Velvet Gown

Success!  Drumroll, please...


Clockwise from top left:  15th/early 16th "transitional";  "Miranda" by JE
Millais;  color scheme inspiration; excerpt from the Lady &  Unicorn tapestries


Yay!    *SpArKLE*

I have no pics of me IN the dress yet, because I'm still getting together the rest of the outfit - hair, accessories, under-bits.  I have it all in my head, but I haven't done a major test-run yet.

I'll definitely have pics after Saturday though; and it's entirely likely I'll also have video of me performing for Bardic, and/or performing in the dance that opens the feast! EEP!

Front opening with hidden lacings behind a lightly-boned placket to keep the lines straight. The neckline cuts deep on the sides, and has a steep point up the center.  I opted to omit a lining in the bodice this time, since this fabric, though comfy, is still pretty sturdy and thick, and didn't require it for fit or for look.

The skirt of the dress is split on the right side, and drapes up to the left hip where it's secured there by a brooch...of which I have no pics. Yet.

The skirt I'm going to be wearing underneath this is an ocean-blue silk - it's actually something that I've had for years, that just happens to be perfect with this dress. Yay!

Back neckline, slightly V-shaped, embroidery enlarged and graduated just a bit to accentuate the dip.

One of my favorite things about this dress?  It was crazy cheap to make:

  • 2 Ikea curtain panels, clearance $10/ea
  • "silver" (plastic) and "pearl" buttons: $4/dozen
  • green silk suit lining, clearance $2
  • glittering and glowing in the candlelight at my favorite event: PRICELESS

Yup. The whole thing cost me about $26.  ^_^


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