10 September 2014

Poky Storage + Sewing Kit

Perhaps you remember my little red velvet needle case, which I made in February of '13:

It's just a little tri-fold doodad, made from fabric scraps, padded and lined with the inside of a fake fur blanket.  I was very new to embroidery then, and so only the random leaves and wee pomegranates were hand-embroidered - all the swirly bits were done on my machine.

Don't get me wrong, I've always loved it's functionality;  but recently I pulled it out to work on some hand-sewing, and I thought, "Wow, this is crap, I can do WAY better than this!"  So I grabbed some more fabric scraps and sat down in front of Game of Thrones season 2...all of it.  (I had a migraine, but couldn't sleep).  This is what I made to replace the red one:

This one is also a trifold wallet-like design; and these are two of the panels.  The third panel is left blank, since it's going to be tucked inside anyway.

The white backing is cross-stitch fabric.  The inner lining is the fuzzy blanket lining from the old needle case, for padding.  The blue lining, which is wrapped around the outside as a decorative edge, is turquoise linen/rayon blend.

The full pomegranate is the back of the case.  This is the front, when it's closed.

Yes, it's all rumply.  I intend to iron the whole thing out, and then put a button or tie or something on it to keep it closed, like the red velvet needle case had.

The inside, which contains a smattering of sewing and embroidery needles in various sizes, several sizes of glass-head pins, a small curved darning needle, and a large upholstery/leather needle.

I keep it in here, a box I made in 2011, along with more pins, some bobbins of thread in common colors for on-the-go repairs, a small pair of steel snips, and random things people always need, like safety pins, extra bobby pins, random buttons, and a couple of extra dress lacings:


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