25 September 2014


I'm sure by now you've figured out what this red thing is that I've been posting pics of - it's another freaking cotehardie.  This year's process of refitting and replacing my garb wardrobe has left me with none, so I went ahead and whomped this up.

So far it's cut out and mostly put together. The linen was bright fire-engine red, and I toned it down by over-dyeing it with black Rit.  You've seen the gold hem tape (rayon) I've applied to the neckline, front opening and sleeve openings, and the cloth buttons I made for the sleeves:

And I showed you one of the finished sleeves earlier this week:

Today's job was the eyelets in the front:

Now I can finish putting the dress together, hem the skirt, and then do some pretty massive and epic machine-embroidery in the skirt.  More on that next week. :)


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