26 September 2014

A Hood!

Next up in my Quest To Finish All the Things is the completion of my crocheted Skjoldehamn Viking hood:

It is not period.  Design-wise, and color-wise, it pretty much is.  But it's crocheted (modern), and the yarn is acrylic (Lion Brand's "Nouveau").  

The ties you see at the front, which would have been affixed near the back of the hood in period, are actually one long drawstring around the neck area of the hood.  For no reason other than that's how I wanted it. Ditto the long tassel on the back of the hood: 

Pattern, yarn, hook, sizing, and other info posted on my Ravelry project board.  :) 

Dang, this thing is warm and soft and comfy. I think I'll likely end up wearing this in Mundania as well as in Ansteorra.  :) 


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