06 August 2013

So, About That Chair...

You know, this morning on my way to work I wrote this entire post in limerick form.  Thankfully, before I got to a keyboard I thought, "Hm, maybe I'd better have some coffee and think this through."
You're welcome.



  • spray paint (paint + prime in one, and also a spray polycrylic clear-coat)
  • new fabric  (scraps from an old tablecloth and runner set, which is why the design isn't centered)

Ta-da!  Easy. 

This chair was given to me by a friend, and I very much prefer it over the "regular" folding camp chairs that everyone tries to disguise with slipcovers made of thrift store bedsheets (to which: ew; ymmv).  Far more comfortable to sit in, doesn't hurt my back, easier to get out of, has never broken beneath me and dropped me on my ass (which always seems to happen in front of cute guys, have you noticed that?)  

One day I will have pretty wooden chairs with pretty throw cushions.  But for now, I'm loving this thing SO very much.  :) 

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