22 October 2012

Vikings At the Battle of Ethandune

Back from the Battle of Ethandune in Bjornsborg, with pictures!  MAN those folks sure know how to throw an event.  I always have so much fun there.

Here's my Viking outfit, complete with a loom-woven belt made for me by a friend of mine, and a pair of silver concho brooches loaned to me by someone else (the ones I made the other day didn't work).

A shot of the hood(s) and jewelry:

During the course of the day Saturday, two friends of mine and I got together and "secretly" bought a new loom for the woman who made me the woven belt.  She'd had her eye on it, and a birthday recently, so, well, happy new loom!  (I say "secretly" because she totally caught us in the act when she came back to buy it for herself.  Whoops!)  That was so much fun. 

A bit later in the afternoon, I was disappointed to find that a pair of brass brooches I'd had my eye on had been sold.  I couldn't afford them, but I was going to ask the shop owner, who's a local and a friend of Vasilii's, if he would hold onto them for me - but no, they were gone.  Sigh. 

Turns out, the same three friends from the loom story had gone behind my back and bought me the brooches, because my birthday is next week.  Yay!  They're so pretty!  

(the key is also from the event. just a little something
I found. I absolutely love old keys).  



  1. That would be Master Peter, aka Max's work. :) You know he was Conor's laurel, right? You carry off the look quite well and did a very good job on your clothes. Woot! I wish we'd been able to make the event. :(

  2. Yup! Apparently Max was in on the surprise, too - he was hiding them from me when I went back for them, LOL. And thank you! *beam* :)


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