29 October 2012

The Hand-Me-Down Burgundy Burgundian

Because GUESS WHAT!  A friend of mine says to me last  week, "Here, see if there's anything you want in this giant box of fabric and old costumes."  And what do I find there?  THIS! 

oh, and welcome to my kitchen. 

Is that not awesome?  It belonged to another friend, long ago, who gave it to the friend who gave it to me.  The fabric is a    b e a u t i f u l  color, hangs perfectly, is soft and comfy, and, while a bit warm for outdoor wear most of the year here (it's cotton), it'll be fantastic for Winter outdoor events, and lots of events indoors in the air conditioning.  The shape of it is lovely, too:  the skirt and body are voluminous and flowing, while the top fits my shoulders and bust perfectly.  The sleeves are a tiny bit baggy, and, um, a tad longer than I'd like them, hehe.

It needs a bit of work, though, a la Cinderella's makeover of her dated pink gown for the ball.  Those sleeves have to come up, and in.  The crotch of the neckline has some worn stitching and frayed edges that will need to be cleaned up; and that neckline needs a little privacy panel, too.

Some other ideas include: 

Chopping the sleeves and adding an under-sleeve in a complementary fabric.

Purchasing more black faux-fur and trimming the lower hem, or removing it entirely and replacing it with faux fur from a blanket I already have (that I bought for exactly this purpose, thinking of making a houppelande), and trimming the bottom, neck, and sleeves with white fur.

Obviously it'll need a belt of some kind as well.  I'll have to read more about this style.

And of course, there must be headgear.  I already have a simple black band with a pull-ring attached to it that I made for another look several months ago.

The very simplest thing I could do would be to drape a veil over it.  Or I could attempt to whomp up a hat.  By November 18th - the last, and biggest event of the season.  Hm.

And yeah, you don't even know how badly some part of me wants to gut this thing and turn it into a red version of the Mary of Habsburg dress.  But I shall resist!  I want a MoH gown, but I want to do it right, and from scratch.  Not as a reproduction or anything, but, well, not red.  :)


P.S. - today are my actual birthday.  *confetti and crap*



  1. Happy birthday. This is what you're going for in the sleeve on that dress. https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/24968_326321418019_7665115_n.jpg

    I researched a bunch for Ladies' Tournament of Chivalry, so let's get coffee and talk. :D

  2. Yay, coffee and talking! :D

    You look amazing, dear, as usual; and you guys are adorable together, also as usual. :)

  3. Thanks. I really like that dress, but need to lose some baggage before I can wear it again...Candlemas! 15th C ladies!


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