19 October 2012

More "Viking" Bits and Pieces

"Viking" because, while these bits and pieces will be worn with a Viking costume, in the way these things are worn, they're just made of stuff I already had (and some beads given to me by a friend), which aren't necessarily period-appropriate, but, hey...I already had them, so, they were free.  And they're still pretty.  With any luck, they'll enhance the overall look and not be too glaringly modern-looking.

amber chips and red glass beads, with a little brass center piece
from the hobby store that I had on hand.  

for the front of my apron dress, made as one piece - the gold starbust plaques
will serve as the "brooches" that hold the dress together (these won't be weight-
bearing, they're far too flimsy.  Just decorative); with beaded chain swagged
acoss the chest, with amber, carnelian, citrine, green tourmaline, wood, and
 brass fittings.  Also a couple of little keys on a pin. 

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