12 October 2012


Not much to add today, but I have pics of me in the Viking hood - which I believe I said the other day was a Jorvik hood, but the Jorvik doens't have the point on the back.  The point makes this a Dublin hood.

I loved these so much that I made a purple one for myself - and then ended up making another purple one, and another white one, for a friend of mine, as a surprise from her boyfriend.  Hee!

Because I LIKE them layered like this.  The red one doesn't have ties, so I tied the white one back around it to keep them together, and back from my face (because, seriously, if I had ties swinging around my neck all day I'd either catch them on something and end up being killed by a paper shredder, or I'd rip the damned thing off and throw it in a fire).  

Doesn't look pointy and weird from the front, yay!  My hair's just loose under here; but when I wear it for the event next weekend, I plan to braid it all back from my face and collect the braids in the back - either knotted together or hanging free down the back.  Most people do side-braids, which I find very pretty and feminine...on them.  On me I just look like a 36 year old woman dressed up as a child for Halloween. 

Next stop:  jewelry!  The friend for whom I made the purple and white hoods is loaning me a pair of brooches, and has given me free run of her glass bead collection.  Whee! 


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