19 July 2015

S'Mo Viking Stuff

More hand stitching on my old Viking clothing, at which I'm still plodding away in my spare time.  I've been using this stuff as a brain-break between commission projects, so it's going very slowly, but it'll all be ready to wear this fall.

new blue stitching in my coat

it replaced this stuff - which is mostly picked out in this pic,
but MAN what an awful color.  Idk what I was thinking. 

I also (back in May, actually, and I'm just getting around to putting up a photo) took apart a LOT of my old jewelry and used some of the bits to make some new bling for my Viking stuff.  I had two sets of Viking-y jewelry before - one in red glass and fake bone, and one that was mostly metal.  I was feeling more colorful:


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