05 March 2015

More Embroidered Fabrics Dyed

This one's for me - a dark green linen with white embroidery, which I over-dyed to blend the embroidery into the fabric:

And then made into a simple sideless surcote for myself.

The embroidery didn't come out to match the linen exactly, but it blends well enough now that it's not quite so eye-poppingly white.

The trim is a faux fur harvested from an old blanket.

A small scrap of trim in gold and blue runs across the front and back neckline, just to bling things up a little. :)

So what's next for war? 

  • A pile of accessories for myself and two other people, most of which are half-done
  • a couple of woodworking projects (also both half-finished as of right now), to complete
And that's it!  WOOHOO!!  

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