05 March 2015

It Was HOW Cold??

Okay, so, the event last weekend was *amazing*.  It was also SUPER COLD, and I didn't end up getting pictures of me in my new dresses for you, because everyone, including me, was too concerned with keeping warm to do much else, hehe.

It was in the low thirties all weekend, and raining for most of it. Windy, as well - with the wind chill, the temp was around 29°.  For those of you in the Great White North, lol, that's *ridiculous* to us southern Ansteorrans.

In this picture, I'm wearing two pairs of yoga pants, two pairs of socks, knee-high boots, two chemises, my new green cotehardie (more on that in a second), like two scarves, five veils wrapped around my head in layers, a big, fuzzy blanket from my bedding, and a heavy wool cloak.  (I'm allergic to wool, but the cloak is a blend, and lined with cotton, so it didn't bother me except where the neckline rubbed against my skin under my veils and scarves).

Here's the new green cotehardie I'm wearing in the picture above:

Heh. The front doesn't close on the mannequin, since its boobs don't squish as much as peopleboobs do.

Cloth buttons, very small train in the back, and elbow-length sleeves with attached pendants.

Linen stretches when it warms up to body temperature.  It's a very fine line, getting a supportive or closely-fitting cotehardie to fit so that it will close when it's cold, and not end up baggy when warm.  This one stretched out a bit too much last weekend, so this morning I took in the armpits and side bust a tiny bit, so it should be perfect for war now.


I'm going to inundate you with new posts today, since I have two more projects to share and not a lot of time to sit around blogging, so, stay tuned!


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