14 March 2014


I made a new pincushion.

It doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it really, really is.  To me, that is.  It's about 6" across, flat on top and bottom (except for the button), made from scrap linen, and stuffed with about six outfits' worth of pure linen dryer lint that I've been saving in zippy bags for over a year, LOL.  (I've been told by a couple of people that polyester stuffing (and some types of cotton fill) dulls pin and needle points, whereas linen stuffing doesn't.  Idk if that's actually true, but the linen lint (linent?) is easy to get a frigging pin through!)

My old pincushion was too soft, filled with polyester, too round on the bottom (it rolled all over the place), and made of deep teal fabric, which made it hard to see my [teal!] pins.  I've hated the thing for two years, and I'd been promising myself that a pincushion would be my next palate-cleanser project between big jobs, but I kept not getting around to it.

Hee!  I love the new one.


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  1. Not as cheap as dryer lint, but emery sand supposedly keeps your pins sharp. One day I'll order some and make a pincushion instead of keeping my pins in an old altoids tin.


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