25 March 2014

March Sewing Challenge: Part 2

Work on the blue corset proceeds apace:

Post #1:

  • pattern drafted from existing Renfest corset:  re-sized, no. of pieces changed, back/sides re-shaped for style
  • pattern traced onto paper for future use
  • fabric cut out:  outer shell, inner lining, two layers of interlining

As of now: 
  • interlining basted in place
  • lining and outer shell sewn together, including straps
  • Boning and cording channels sew in front/back/sides
  • Cording inserted (sturdy upholstery welting cord, cotton)
  • Boning inserted (bamboo kitchen skewers (it was what I had on hand)

I've also got most of the edge trim attached, but not finished, all the way around the pieces - but I've changed my mind about the color, and will be removing the trim and replacing it tonight.  After that, all that's left is the finishing that I have to do by hand - some stitching, some eyelet holes, stuff like that.  

Next set of pics should be a finished corset!  :D 

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