08 January 2015

More Dresses For Candlemas: Blue and Black "Kampfrau"

This one's for my friend L. Ysabeau (for whom I made the russet silk bliaut back in October):

(modeled for us today by Violet, who still needs a stand, but it turns out
she works just fine for photo purposes perched on the corner of my cutting table)


  • Black and turquoise linen
  • Bodice lined in the same black linen
  • Cuffs and neckline trim interlined in a white pique cotton (shows behind  the slashing on the neckline)
  • Skirt cartridge-pleated to the bodice edge, and sewn on by hand. 
  • Neckline slashes tacked and stitched open by hand: 

Yesterday I finished this gown (I'd been in the middle of putting lacing hooks behind the front opening for like two weeks, for some reason. It took like maybe thirty minutes to finish), cleaned up my sewing room a bit, and started working on the waistband for the red Hapsburg gown.  More on that tomorrow! 

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