08 December 2014

All About That Bling

A friend of a friend wrote a *brilliant* filk of "All About That Bass" not too long ago - I LMAO'd.  Only bit I can remember was that it was all about dat bling, and something about stick jocks not being able to tell a t-tunic from Tudor hose.  Died. Laughing.  Also, I can't get that filk out of my head while making SCA jewelry this week, hehe.


I Came, I Saw, I Made My Own: 

Theirs:  Roman, chalcedony and glass,
2nd century

Mine:  Angelite faceted donuts and glass seed beads

Theirs:  Viking Raven pendant, from

Mine: An amazeballs modern Raven pendant birthday
gift from 
my BFF, on a twisted wire hanger, attached
to a 
chain with silver spacers bent in half.  One is open, 

and forms the clasp that keeps the necklace closed. 

And then...

I'm working on a plaque belt.  Clockwise from top left: 
  • I found these mounts at Joann Fabrics. Half off, even! 
  • And I thought, hey, I have all this big chain...
  • I got as far as wiring the chain onto the first of the mounts, and I thought...nah. 
  • I think I'll bead in between instead.  That's a lot of beading. Oy. 
More soon. 


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