12 August 2014

Well, Shit (An Autobiography)

Remember my painstaking experimentation with dyes last week, in an effort to find the perfect blue for my next project?

See, I had this thing where, if I was creating something for someone else, I would work on NOTHING except that project - no fun stuff until the work is done!  Yeah. It always worked out just like you'd imagine - stress stress deadline stress don't wanna stress deadline procrastination stress stress.  It made everything miserable and no fun at all.  So I stopped.  And it's been great - now everything is fun, and I'm usually working on one for someone else and one or two for me at once, and I can switch when I get bored or tired, and there's always something going on.

Except that last night, after I threw my white linen into the final, official, blue dye bath, I got to work on something else while the linen was soaking...and forgot about it...for three hours.  It never got stirred, it stayed in the bath too long, and well...


It's ruined.  I mean, it's *beautiful*...but it's no longer fit for SCA-anything, regardless of the probability that ancient peoples DID actually also fuck up when dyeing things.  I washed it three times after this, and the color(s) faded enough that if I run it through with bleach, it MIGHT actually be fit to try re-dyeing, which I'll attempt this evening.

At the moment, though, I'm pretty angry with myself about it.


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  1. Use Rit Color Remover...works really well and won't damage your fabric like bleach will. Or make a cool modern dress. lol


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