27 August 2014

In Which Vikings Are Still Pretty Dang Cool

My primary [sewing] August project:  a Viking tunic for a Celt/Viking friend.

Butter-yellow linen/rayon blend, with trim in dark green linen, both from my stash.

All of the edge embroidery was done on my sewing machine.  Aside from that fact, the stitching designs themselves are period for Viking decorative stitches and seam stitching treatments.

The hound on the center front, however, I did entirely by hand.  This is the first time I've embroidered knotwork, the first time I've filled an entire motif in with stitching, and also the first time I've hand-embroidered anything I was making for someone else.


The original hemline came out a bit...wonky.  I cut it off and added the wide band of green that you see in the first picture, and here: 

these decorative stitches also hold the seam allowances in place on the inside

As the recipient's device is [a whole bunch of stuff I can't remember how to say correctly] over a green and yellow checked field. This ladder stitch, yellow on green, was intended to be a subtle shout-out to that checky field.  

Just as the red satin-stitching around the green trim is sort of a callback to the red bordure around his entire device.  

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some woodworking to do...


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