10 February 2014

Stuff I'm Working On

Honest to gosh, I have NO clue what to do for February's Sewing Challenge project.  I have eight yards of a beautiful black silk that I got on clearance last month (four. dollars. a yard.  Not even kidding), but I also have:

    • an arming cote for a guy
    • a Viking apron dress for a gal
    • a wooden X-chair to strip and refinish for a guy
    • a non-SCA art project commission for a gal
    • THIS: 

And I'm about to take on a second job and will likely be working anywhere from 70-90 hours a week, depending on what my night job's schedule is going to look like.  (Hopefully it won't last for more than three or four months).  

I'm going to be down to weekends-only, project-wise. So...I guess we'll see?  Anyway, if I'm scarce going forward, that's why.  See you guys on the flip side, or as soon/often as I can.  


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