03 February 2014

Madylyne Does A&S (3)

I really don't.  I don't like being involved in competition or judgment of any kind, hehe.  But a friend convinced me to display my needlework bags at the display-only portion of the A&S thing at Candlemas, and so I did:

You've seen [nearly] all of these pieces before: 

  • Teal satin pouch
  • Linen pomegranate pouch
  • Blue velvet pouch
  • Red velvet (machine embroidered) bag
  • Red velvet needle case
  • Satin pomegranate
  • Black velvet pouch 

The final two projects are new:  the satin pomegranate I just finished last week before the event; and the black velvet I've only just started.  More on those this week! 


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