15 January 2014

Candlemas 2014 + January Sewing Challenge

With any luck, this will be me in two weeks:

I have NO idea why the picture came out gray - it's white on my screen, y'all.  Sorry.

Simple cotehardie, in a blue silk from FabricMartFabrics (.com), given to me for my birthday by a friend.  It's this color:

But with a shimmery woven stripe.  100% silk, lightweight suiting.

Floor-length tippets in white - I'm toying with the idea of doing them in a semi-sheer organza, since I have semi-sheer white organza.

Teeny silver buttons up the arms and down the front; though I haven't yet decided whether or not to do buttons allllll the way to the floor or not again.

So far, I've re-worked my raglan-sleeve cote pattern to fit me better; and I've gotten the dress and lining cut out (the lining is plain white cotton).  The sleeves will be lined in a cornflower-blue washed silk, for when I want to unbutton them and turn back the cuffs.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll make the headdress, yet, either, but I have some ideas (123).  (I did something similar a couple of years ago by just putting my hair up in two buns with big, plastic hair clips, and wrapping it all with fabric).

not pointy, but, it's a start.

I'm also still in the midst of re-decorating my sewing room.  Actually, the last piece - my sewing table - has finally been finished, so I'm about to throw the whole room back together and actually begin working in there again (sewing on the cutting table in my art room = NO).  Pics of that, and progress on the blue silk very soon. :)


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