27 April 2012

Haha, Whoops. (Month[s] In Review).

Dropped the ball on this one, didn't I?  Ahem:

March In Review

  • Gulf Wars (inter-kingdom)

  • red sleeves
  • Began teaching Vasilii to sew; between the two of us we made him two more fighting tunics and two more arming hoods
  • multitudinous last-minute alterations and quick-fixes before War   >_<

February In Review

  • Candlemas (Baronial)
    • entered (but did not compete in) my first Bardic competition
    • sat gate for the second time ever.  I really enjoy doing that. 
  • Winter Crown Tournamenet (in Seawinds)

  • red sleeves
  • 3rd chemise, loose, doubles as a nightgown :) 
  • Finished blue velvet late-1500s transitional gown for Candlemas
  • finished Vasilii's green opashen
  • a Japanese jin-baori for a friend, which I realize I forgot to ever blog about!!  Coming soon! 
January In Review
  • Shadowlands' Fall Ball In A Small Hall (yes, in January, long story)
    • calligraphy class! 
  • 12th Night (The Steppes)
    • entered Sable Talon original scroll competition:  did not win; but was asked by the laurel-in-charge to re-create my scroll for a grant-level award instead, because (she said) it was too fancy and pretty to be an AOA-level award.  Hee!  
  • little red hand-stitched pouch for camera
  • started blue velvet dress for Candlemas, made pearl-and-silver necklace for it
  • threw together a new and more cohesive feast gear collection (red/gold)
  • red brocade + green linen lining liripipe hood
  • began experimenting with designing original scrolls, and learning calligraphy
December 2011 In Review
  • Yule Revel (baronial)
  • aubergine linen gown with pomegranate embroidery on the sleeves
  • made over the entire craft/sewing room
  • new shirt for Vasilii for court/evening wear
  • began embroidery on pieces for pomegranate bag
I'm hoping since May is only a week away, that I won't forget to do April in a timely fashion.  ;) 

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