26 April 2012

As A Matter of Fact...

I have actually just finished

a)  a new dress, and
b)  a new jewelry set

To be worn to Queen's Champion this Saturday.  Pics forthcoming!   In the meantime...

St. Claire
One of many paintings that inspired the dress.  It's plain and simple - long lines, little embellishment.  Black (mine, not the painting, obv.), full-but-not-huge skirt, knuckle-length and closely-fitted sleeves, wide neckline like in the painting, and buttoned with smallish, dark "aged" gold, flat buttons that don't stand out very much.

It's nice and simple as a stand-alone dress;  and will also make a great under-layer for a sideless or houppelande, pulled up over a much nicer under-dress or under-skirt, or just accessorized with nifty belts, hats, hoods, tippets, capes, etc.

image from Fire Mountain Gems 

The jewelry is gold, with glass "citrine" briolettes (harvested from an old pair of earrings), and small cream-colored pearls...

Sapphire & Sage

The necklace is shaped  somewhat  like this;  instead of a "chain" of pearls as a foundation (and for the loopy bits between the decorative drops, too), I used a plain gold chain, with drops made of glass "citrine" and pearls instead of the set red cabochons/pearls that you see here.

I'll get pics this weekend while I'm in it. :)

So, that, when next we meet - and also (I hope) some info about my local Clothiers' Guild, and a competition entry!


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