12 October 2015


Wow, I hadn't even realized I hadn't been blogging. Oops!  Right after Laurel's Prize I started working a second job, so I haven't had a lot of of free time.  What little I've had has been filled with finishing the embroidery on all the Viking stuff, throwing together a few complementary accessories, and working on my A&S project for The Quest For Valhalla event in Bjornsborg, which is this coming weekend.  Squee!  I'm so excited that it's finally here!

I'll post about the rest of the clothing, and the a&s project for you later this week; for now, here are a couple of pieces of generic jewelry I banged out over the weekend in my spare time:

A pair of earrings, with green fluorite beads, tiny faceted pyrite beads, and copper-colored brass fittings. This is to replace a pair almost exactly like these that I made years ago and then lost.

Agate, glass, wood, and resin beads, on 20ga memory wire.  I can wear this as a necklace, or wrap it up like this and wear it as a bracelet. 

Image result for tiny heart gif  SKULL BEADS Image result for tiny heart gif


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